How I conceal my dark under eye circles

This is what started my obsession with makeup. No matter where I am going, if I am going to do anything to my face, it would have to be ADD CONCEALER. I have tried and continue to try many different brands to try and simplify my routine but none have given me these results. To me, the skin is the most important. I feel good about my makeup as long as I am concealed and have on a little blush. In this pictorial, I show you how I conceal and set my under eye circles. Hoping this post will help some of you 😉

Let’s get started

supplies.jpg Corrector.png










After primer and foundation application, I use a color corrector. This color corrector is a peachy/salmon color and counteracts the darkness under my eyes. For lighter skin tones, you can use a light pink corrector. I applied a small amount of the corrector and patted {do not swipe} with a damp beauty blender. After that is all blended, I prepared my full coverage concealer. As you can see below,  I use 2 colors for my NC42 skin.


prolongwear.pngI mix NC30 and NC35 to get my ideal concealer/highlight shade. After mixing, I pat a generous amount on top of the corrector. I take my damp beauty blender again and start patting away until it looks flawless blending all the way to my temples. Lastly, I use a light yellow setting powder with my highlighter brush under the eyes making sure to pat {not swipe} to set in place and avoid concealer settling in my fine lines.

That’s the completed look my beauties. Though this is time consuming {17:00 mins for full look}, you will be pleased with the results. Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions, feedback or tips for me.

Stay Glowing,


Products Used in this Pictorial:

Highlighter/setting brush , Beauty Blender, Anastasia Contour Kit, Mac Pro Longwear Concealer,  Peach Color Corrector {3.0}

Alternatives that I also love:

Peach Color Corrector {soft orange or Pink Highlight for pale skin}, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Real Techniques Setting Brush,  Real Techniques Sponge


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