Subtle Highlighting for Every Day Looks

I know…it’s taking me way to long to post. I need to get the hang of this ASAP!

I wanted to post this pictorial because I noticed that my every day face looked the same as my evening/going out face. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I like when there is a difference and you say WOW I look great/different/more put together on nights out.

I was on the search for liquid highlighter pens for this so of course, I started with MAC. They have a Prep and Prime Highlighter which is great but…not great for me :-(. I went crazy and bought 2 shades. While doing my makeup, I thought my face looked AMAZING however, when I would use it to go out at night and get my picture taken with a flash, I could see a white cast under my eyes, forehead, and chin that wasn’t so amazing. I got the shades Light Boost and Bright Forecast. My skin tone is too dark for these shades so the highlight is not so subtle. Their darkest shade Peach Luster, is too dark for me.

So as always I started obsessing over finding something that works and I noticed that Maybelline makes a highlighter called DREAM LUMI™ TOUCH HIGHLIGHTING CONCEALER in 6 shades.  Some people even compared it to the YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT CONCEALER so I had to give it a try and at $5.49, how could i go wrong?  I purchased it in 1 shade lighter than my skin tone (shade: Honey) to add a subtle highlight with no white cast and I absolutely love it!

Subtle Highlighting1

Subtle Highlighting2


Subtle Highlighting3

Hope that you guys enjoyed this pictorial and that this helps those of you that want to achieve a subtle highlight and eye brightening that looks a bit more natural.

As always any questions, comments, or tips you may have are encouraged and I hope to hear from you.

Stay Glowing,







2 thoughts on “Subtle Highlighting for Every Day Looks

  1. Jessie says:

    I usually use the yves saint Laurent éclat 1. Ran out though. Thinking hard about spending another whopping 40 bucks. Will be making a trip to drugstore before making another crazy purchase as such! Thanks Geo, for cutting out the hard work for the rest of us 🙂

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